Testimonials for Tim Hallam Driving School

I would highly Recommend sara who helped me pass both the theory and practical tests first time. She was prompt and always on time. she way also patient and easy to learn with. sara was a very reliable instructor would recommend to anyone doing driving lessons and pass plus


I would recommend Tim without hesitation to anyone looking for a patient, punctual and experienced driving instructor. Not being a natural driver, it really helped that Tim was consistently well-organised to ensure my lessons were concise and all aspects of the course were covered thoroughly until I was reassured. A big thank you to Tim Hallam Driving School for all their support and for making driving such a memorable and enjoyable experience!


A huge thank you to Sara for being so patient with me! I would highly recommend Sara for any one who is looking for a reliable, patient instructor who teaches in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Sara was always accommodating and fit in driving lessons when they suited me. Thank you Sara for not giving up on me!


Thank you so much to Tim for all the help .Whilst I have been away at university for large periods of time, Tim has been very accommodating in fitting me into his schedule and arranging lessons at suitable times.
Learning was made simpler due to the many diagrams and techniques Tim shared which helped me to remember correctly. He was also incredibly thorough, noting the smallest details and potential problems which could arise.
I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone. Thank You!!

Tim Hallam is extremely reliable and punctual and his teaching is thorough and he covered all of the specification in great detail until I felt comfortable with all the elements of the practical test. I passed first time and I attribute this all to Tim’s teaching and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tim to anyone. Thank you!
I cannot imagine a more lovely, patient and tenacious teacher than Sara. After years of miserable lessons with several other driving schools, I was recommended by a friend to call Sara. Sara"s teaching approach is not only consistent and clear but surprisingly fun. I'm happy to have passed the test but I miss our Saturday mornings together.
Thank you Tim for being a really awesome driving instructor. You helped me pass first time on my practical test with only 3 minors and really helped me to be organised for my theory test. Thank you for your kind, caring approach to the teaching in the lessons and also your punctuality and availability.
I would like to thank Tim for his patience and commitment when teaching me to drive; I can safely say I wasn’t the easiest person to teach! Tim was always punctual and helpful when I tried to book lessons around my busy schedule. His calm teaching style and expert knowledge allowed me to learn how to drive safely. I eventually passed with 3 minors, I would definitely recommend Tim to anyone, thank you again!
I can't recommend Sara and Tim highly enough!I decided to learn to drive for the first time at the age of 46, thinking it will probably take years to do it. With Sara's brilliant teaching, I managed to pass after only 18 months! I was never let down. Lessons were always easy to book at convenient times. Sara always arrived on time.Sara was really friendly and patient and her teaching methods were really effective - even with a difficult pupil like me!
A big thanks to Tim for helping me pass my test first time. Patient, mild-mannered and friendly instruction and always willing to accomodate your ideal hours for lessons. Would recommend to anyone.
A massive thank you to Tim for teaching me. I'm sure at times I was a nuisance, but Tim was patient and helped me pass my theory and practical first time.

I would most definitely recommend Tim to anyone who wishes to start learning.

Thanks again!
I cannot thank Sara enough for helping me pass my Theory and Practical exams both first time with only two minors in my practical! After starting off with an instructor who made me feel uncomfortable, I dreaded even the thought of driving. That is until I was recommended to try Tim & Sara and it was the best thing I could have done! Sara helped me gain my confidence back and learning to drive with her was always interesting to say the least! I would recommend Tim & Sara to anyone looking to drive and pass first time, the amount of help and support was extremely useful and would not be found anywhere else. Thank you again and I will hopefully be seeing you soon for the Pass Plus!

I just passed my driving test today! Despite not being an UK citizen, I've always felt very comfortable with Sarah in the driving lessons ;) and I would certainly recommend this driving school to anyone looking for good lessons!My life is going to change soo much from now...

Sarah,many many thanks for your patience and support during the last two years!I wish you all the best xx
Hi can I just say thanks to Tim for his excellent work, it means so much that I've actually passed now! I would recommend tim and Sara to anybody thinking of taking driving lessons, there friendly approach to driving makes you feel comfy and at ease whilst In the car. Thank you!
I had given up learning how to drive with another driving company in 2006 but after being approached by a friend who passed first time with Sara, I plucked up to courage to start learning again in November 2009. Sara was very patient and helpful as well as friendly and I also passed first time in June 2010.

I would highly recommend Tim Hallam Driving School to all of my friends. Thank you for all your help and support.

Hi to Tim and Sara just like to thankyou so very much for helping me pass it means so very much to me i can't thank you enough. I would recommend to anyone who thinking about learning to drive to go with Tim or Sara they were so helpful in everyway. I suffer from ADHD so i find hard to take it all in but Tim just stuck with me and helped me as much as his could and if he can teach me he can teach anyone. Sometimes he looked very white - bless him! Anyway thanks again and I hope to see you around in my pink car.
A big thanks to Tim for teaching me to pass my driving test with only 3 minors. I found his teaching style informative and helpful and he was more than happy to accommodate my often awkward lesson times. Definately recommend to any one wanting to learn to drive.
A big thank you to Tim for his thorough teaching skills which enabled me to pass my Theory and Practical exams first time with only 2 minors in my practical.
I'd like to thank Tim for not only helping me to pass my driving test first time, but for teaching my three siblings to do exactly the same.

Tim teaches in a relaxed yet comprehensive style and is very accomodating with lesson times, providing expert tips with the areas of driving I found more tricky.

We can all agree that we would highly recommend the thorough and friendly tuition of the Tim Hallam Driving School to anyone looking to start driving.

I've just passed my driving test and it was thanks to Sarah and Tim who gave me all the support I needed. I'm Polish and learning how to drive in England was challenging but Sarah was very patient and made me feel at ease. Thank you Sarah and Tim for a great driving experience.
I can't thank Sara enough! Wow! Thank you for helping me to pass both my theory and practical test first time! With only 3 minors in the practical!

I Would HIGHLY recommend anyone Tim & Sara to anyone who is learning to drive, young or old! Sara gladly answered all my questions very professionally, whilst bringing an extremely fun and friendly attitude to the lesson.
If you're looking to pass first time, don't look any further. 

A BIG thank you again! See you soon for the Pass Plus!
Tim is a fantastic instructor who guided us through the learning process calmly and confidently, ensuring that we were fully prepared for our tests, which were both passed easily!

He was very accomodating with lesson times, and made sure we both had all the necessary practice and experience to ensure that we became confident and capable behind the wheel of a car.

Tim's effective teaching style allowed us to pick up even the trickiest aspects of learning to drive quickly and easily, and the extra support he gave us particularly when it came to theory tests was very much appreciated.

We both highly recommend Tim Hallam Driving School to everyone for friendly, effective instruction. Cheers Tim!
Learning to drive with Tim was easy, enjoyable and informative. My lessons were very well organised and every lesson had a well defined goal so I knew exactly what I was trying to achieve. If there was anything I was having trouble with one aspect Tim was happy to take more time to practice it, without lingering on the aspects of driving that I took to more quickly.

That I passed both theory and practical tests first time is perhaps the best recommendation I can give.

Tim has taught me to drive safely and confidently in a relatively short space of time.

Thank you!

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Sara for teaching me to drive! It had been an aim of mine to pass my driving test for a long time. With the help of Sara and her effective teaching methods I was able to gain a licence.

I would highly recommend the Tim Hallam Driving School to anyone of any age who is looking to start driving.

Once again, a massive thank you to both Tim and Sara for all the help they have provided over the recent months.

I began learning to drive in late august 2009 amd a mere 5 months later i was fully prepared and ready for my test. I would fully recommend the Tim Hallam driving school to everyone.

From my first lesson i was given a range of vigilant instructions on how to drive to the best of my ability.

What i found most refreshing about Tim's teaching style was the way that he manage to equipt me with all of his knowledge that he has learnt throughout his career to enable me to drive to the best of my ability.

I had heard many good things about Tim Hallam which lead me to choose to learn with the Tim Hallam driving school and i can honestly say it was the best decision i ever made.
A big thankyou to Tim who successfully taught my brother and I to drive.

We both enjoyed the lessons and the teaching was well structured. We highly recommend Tim to anyone who is ready to start driving.
A big thanks Tim for "Smoothly steering" both our children through their driving lessons. The fact that both Hannah and Joe passed their test first time with a TOTAL of 5 minors BETWEEN THEM is a real credit to your teaching.

From our point of view it was a great relief on our Bank
Very nervous woman, in 40's and had used previous driving schools; Five months with Tim and I passed first time.The difference with using Tim's driving school, is that Tim and Sara know how to teach. From my previous experiences, driving instructors were simply unable to understand this concept, and inevitably this often leads to failure.

In contrast Tim is very methodical in his teaching, and it is this approach that enabled me to be successful when taking my test.

I have now been driving for three years, and feel that I continue to drive safely, with the good habits that have been instilled in me.

I never thought that I could do it, but it has transformed my life, and I am very grateful for the caring and patient approach
that Tim and Sara provide.
After being a member of Tim Hallam's driving school, I would throughly recommend it to anybody looking to pass with easy, speed, and with a friendly driving instructor.

If you're looking for an experience tutor who will work to help you pass first time, look no further than Tim Hallam.

I myself passed first time with the guidance of the driving school, and believe I couldn't have done it without the help and support of the school. I would 100% recommend the school to anyone wanted to drive.
I started taking lessons with Tim Hallam in March 2008. I took my theory test in September 2008 and my practical test in early November 2008 and passed both on my first attempt. Having had no other recommendation and preferring an independent instructor to a large impersonal driving school, I was lucky enough to  come across Tim's driving school by chance and this was certainly to be my good fortune.

Lessons with Tim were meticulously planned and prepared and I was to be put through a series of rigorous lessons where any minor fault on my behalf was immediately seized upon and put right.

Tim was an extremely thorough instructor and was keen for us both to put in extra hours of tuition to enable me to be as prepared as possible for the test.

Tim's rigorous instruction led me to pass my practical test first time and I was  thoroughly elated! I could not have hoped for a more professional or meticulous approach to my driving lessons and can wholeheartedly recommend the Tim Hallam Driving School to any potential drivers out there!
A big thankyou to both tim and sara for getting me through my test. I always felt comfortable and relaxed.

Both me and my sister passed both theory and practical tests first time with you and enjoyed the experience. The quality of the one to one teaching is great and the opportunity to swap instructors for a practice test helped control my nerves of havingsomeone different sat beside me.

I would recommend this company 100% and will be to all my friends.

Thankyou for getting me through the course.

I enjoyed learning with Tim, and passed first time with only 2 minors!

I found it really enjoyable to learn to drive and felt really prepared.

It has also helped me now that i have passed. I even remember
to keep 'tires on tarmac' !!!

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